Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Episode 14: Cannon Captain America

KiramidHead and Mechagoji75 discuss the attempts by Cannon Films to make a Captain America film in the mid-1980s.

Episode 13: I Am Legend

KiramidHead and Deusdaecon discuss four different unmade adaptations of the classic science fiction novel.

Episode 12: Batman vs Superman: Asylum

KiramidHead and ShadowPred discuss the old script for a Batman and Superman crossover.

Episode 11: The Bride of Frankenstein, by Laeta Kalogridis

KiramidHead discusses one of the takes on a remake of The Bride of Frankenstein.

Episode 10: Freddy vs Jason

KiramidHead and Deusdaecon discuss four unproduced takes on Freddy vs Jason... and they all suck.

Episode 9: Sam Hamm's Batman 2

KiramidHead solo discusses the first draft of a sequel to the 1989 Batman film.

Episode 8: Castlevania, by Paul W.S. Anderson

KiramidHead and Deusdaecon discuss Paul W.S. Anderson's attempt at adapting the Castlevania game series.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Episode 7: Hellraiser: Bloodline

KiramidHead and Deusdaecon read through the first draft of the fourth Hellraiser film.

Episode 6: Godzilla (1994)

KiramidHead takes a solo look at the Godzilla script that was rejected in favor of the Roland Emmerich film.

Episode 5: The Crow 2037

KiramidHead and ShadowPred do their best to make sense of Rob Zombie's script for a Crow sequel.

Episode 4: Batman Year One

KiramidHead and ShadowPred go over the utter insanity that is the Batman: Year One script from Frank Miller and Darren Aronofsky.

Episode 3: George Romero's Resident Evil

KiramidHead and KrakenRum discuss George Romero's rejected script for the Resident Evil movie.

Episode 2: James Cameron's Spider-Man

KiramidHead, ShadowPred, and RazorSlash discuss James Cameron's "scriptment" for a potential Spider-Man film.