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Alright, I've finally finished uploading my backlog of episodes to the blog. I'm already planning the next few months' worth of episodes, and I'm hard at work on the anniversary ep planned for April.

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Episode 23: The Batman

KiramidHead and ShadowPred discuss the first attempt at a serious Batman film from the early 1980s.

Episode 22: Cannon Spider-Man

KiramidHead painstakingly catalogues all of Cannon Film Group's many, many attempts at adapting Spider-Man

Note: This was meant to be a collaboration, but ended up as a solo episode due to scheduling issues.

Episode 21: Shadow Company

KiramidHead discusses an unproduced work from noted screenwriter Shane Black. It comes complete with a Christmas setting.

Episode 20: Doctor Strange

KiramidHead and CK of Space Monkey Mafia go through the various attempts at adapting Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme to the big screen.

Episode 19: Silent Hill

KiramidHead and Deusdaecon discuss multiple drafts of the Silent Hill films, as well as the franchise in general. They go into far, far too much detail. XD

Episode 18: Hellraiser 3

KiramidHead and Deusdaecon discuss two different scripts for the third Hellraiser film.

Episode 17: Nottingham

KiramidHead takes a look at the perspective flip on the Robin Hood legend before it was rewritten multiple times, becoming the Ridley Scott directed Robin Hood film.

Episode 16: Wolverine

KiramidHead and Deusdaecon examine early drafts of the first two Wolverine films

Note: This was recorded when next to nothing was known about Logan.

Episode 15: Highlander Remake

KiramidHead takes a look at a draft of potential Highlander remake.